Positive affirmations don’t work.

March 9, 2021

I know… I know… I’m all sunshine and love most the time, but hear me out…

You have goals, hopes, and dreams for you and your future.

You set intentions and repeat your affirmations.

Except you’ve been using positive affirmations for years and… dammit! They’re not working. WTF?!?

Well… guess what! 

There’s nothing wrong.

They just don’t work the way you’ve been taught to do them!

There’s more to “affirmations” and “manifestations” than the repetition of positive thoughts. Repetition and practice is important, but first, you have to be practicing the RIGHT THOUGHTS!

I know, I tell you there’s no “right or wrong” way to think, so let me rephrase that … MOST EFFECTIVE thoughts for YOUR BRAIN.
And it starts with listening to your mind…. and noticing your current thoughts and writing them down. Don’t skip this part!! 

  • People tell me they hate writing but if you don’t put it on paper, you’re missing out on some good stuff!

You have to know from where you’re starting because if you try to jump too far from your current beliefs, you’ll miss the mark. Going from “Everybody hates me” to “Everybody loves me” is too much of a stretch. 

You’ll need to build a “bridge of thoughts” to get you from one side of the River of Misery* to the other.

Build the bridge one step at a time:

  • Everybody hates me.
  • Many people hate me.
  • Some people hate me.
  • Some people like me.
  • Many people like me.
  • Everybody likes me.
  • Everybody loves me!

Practice each new thought for a few days and see how quickly you move to believing the next one.

In my experience, the last few steps move much quicker than the first… it’s like your brain is primed and pumped to believe new amazing things!

Okay… there you go! Try this out for a few days and let me know how it goes.

If you want help with this process… message me with the words “BRIDGE”.

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