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You know that 'thing' you've always wanted to do? The one that you've been too afraid to say out loud and go pursue because you're worried what people will think? I'm here to show you how to finally let go of other people's opinions so you can start living the life that's calling for you.

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If you are tired of holding yourself back from pursuing the life you know you are meant to live, you are in the right place. 

Empowering You to Finally Make Your Dreams a Reality

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Want 60-minutes of coaching completely for free? As part of my brand new website launch, I am offering limited free coaching sessions to individuals who want to unlock the steps to a more fulfilled life. Follow me on Instagram and send me a message to say hi and book your session!

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As a Professional Coach, I believe in the transformational power of coaching. I offer one-on-one coaching for dreamers who want to finally turn their ideas into a reality.


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My life changed when I started to give myself permission to take the next steps toward my dreams. Now, through in-person and virtual speaking engagements, I teach audiences how to do the same.


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Check out what I've got to say over on my blog. Some recent topics include what to do when fear takes over, why I don't make my husband happy and the power of your thoughts.




Discover How You Think About Yourself

Our feelings come from our thinking, so negative thoughts create negative feelings. In order to be aware of our thinking we need to take time to discover those thoughts. Grab my free worksheet to discover how you think about yourself so you can free yourself from negative thinking!

I'm Sheila. 

I am a professional coach on a mission to give people control of their mindset so they can finally start pursuing their dreams. As a reformed people-pleaser, I know what it takes to overcome caring what people think and managing through negative self-talk and doubt.

I'm here to empower you to start doing the things that make YOU happy.

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“I feel a touch bulletproof to others opinions of me. Which is POWERFUL.”

- ronnie

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