Coaching the Unconscious Mind is like a reset for your brain.

You can stop:

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  • Anxious Eating Habits & Cravings

  • Negative Thinking & Criticism

  • Over-Pleasing 

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Procrastination

  • Over Drinking

  • Under Performing

You can have the
freedom you desire

  • Break bad habits and reach your health & life goals

  • Manage daily tasks with ease and confidence

  • Practice self-care that actually improves your health

  • Stop anxiety in its tracks and eliminate panic attacks

  • Make overwhelm a thing of the past

  • Maintain personal boundaries

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There's regular coaching...

     ...and then there's coaching the UNCONSCIOUS mind!

By integrating cognitive coaching tools with scientifically proven, self-directed neuro-plasticity techniques... 

...we'll break through the invisible barrier that's keeping you from making lasting changes.

a RESET goes way beyond
short term fixes

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what my clients have to say

"I want to acknowledge the immense part that your coaching played in moving me to where I am now. You helped me see what I previously could not in a way that is powerful and impactful."

- Julie

I'm Sheila. 

     As a people-pleasing perfectionist, I grappled with the consequences of striving to please everyone around me. I spent decades searching for a solution to my anxiety, overwhelm, and subsequent weight gain.

     I thought the answer was to be more productive and efficient so I would never let anyone down. But, that was just the solution society gave me. "10x your productivity! Hack your life!"  In other words:  Don't stop pleasing people. Just get better at it!

     Turns out, I needed to learn to be okay with people being disappointed in me, to love and trust myself... and to stop anxiety cold in it's tracks. 

     Now, I teach my clients how to do the same. By coaching their unconscious brain and teaching them "self-directed neuro-plasticity" techniques, clients are changing their habits, overcoming cravings and anxiety, and letting go of overwhelm.

     I'd love to help you do the same!

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