Worry... anxiety... self-sabotage... these are signs that it's time to change how you relate to yourself.

Just like when a computer's memory gets all clogged up and a warm reboot is necessary to help it perform better, our brains can get stuck with a lot of unhelpful, unconscious beliefs causing excess stress and anxiety that get in the way of great relationships. 

Together, we can "reboot" your brain... clear up whatever is keeping you bogged down... and help you experience love and connection in the relationships that matter to you!

How's your relationship with yourself? 

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You've tried ALL the things... counseling, therapy, communication courses, couple's retreats

You've resorted to people-pleasing, begging, threatening, avoiding

You've taken the experts advice and shared your needs... but they're still not getting met

You try to say and do all the right things, but with disappointing results

You're seeing familiar patterns... fights & arguments... and hurt feelings over little things

You want to know what else you can do... because giving up on people is a terrible option

You're tired of feeling so alone

You want your relationships to work. But lately, they're just too much work.

what my clients have to say

"I want to acknowledge the immense part that your coaching played in moving me to where I am now. You helped me see what I previously could not in a way that is powerful and impactful."

- Julie