You CAN make the changes you want to make.

     So... you're sabotaging your goals and dreams, talking shit to yourself, feeling shame over things you wish you hadn't done, battling anxiety and overwhelm, and feel like you're constantly starting over?

     I want to show you how your brain is (mis)behaving and how we can work together to change it. Our brains are way more malleable than we used to believe.

     Until I learned about "self-directed neuro-plasticity" I thought changing habits and feeling better required a lot of work. But by using our conscious brain to change our unconscious mind, it's surprisingly easy.

     You may be thinking hypnosis and all these "mindhacking" things are a bunch of crap or they just plain don't work. I used to feel the same way!

     These tools and techniques are specifically created to change how your brain responds to triggers... which is how our habits formed in the first place! 


one-to-one Coaching


                            I'll teach you how to use these techniques on yourself, at home, so you can make even faster progress, because there's no reason to spend months and years and thousands of dollars on something we can change in just a few sessions... for a few hundred bucks! 

     Let's get started today!


We'll tackle one very specific issue in a short, but highly effective session

This is popular because it's short, highly focused, and less than $100

One Hour Session 

We can go deeper on a single issue

Or we can tackle a second issue

One hour sessions are popular because we can deep dive and you will learn the technique to use on yourself

*package only Available for purchase after a consultation or a single session


30-Minute Session

Three Session Package*

We can go deep on a couple of issues

Two 1-hour calls


one 90-Minute call

You'll learn and practice techniques you can use at home to maximize your results


one hundred


two ninety-seven

This package is popular because we can make big changes in a short time

Three 1:1 Coaching Options

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I self-sabotaged, procrastinated, and nearly gave up on my dreams

When I first decided to become a life coach, I was so excited! I told my family "I'm going to be a Life Coach!" and I put a $4000 training on my credit card.

Then I heard a voice inside my head say, 'Who do you think you are? Your life is a shit-show. You can't help anyone!'

And, I believed it... So I asked for my money back, wallowed in shame, and berated myself. This pattern played out in my life over and over.

When I hired my own coach and started working on believing in myself, changing my thoughts, feeling my authentic emotions... I found my courage to try again.

I signed up with some of the best coaching schools in the country (yes, more than one) and I started my coaching business.

It wasn't easy and I fucking struggled!

I struggled with bad habits, procrastination, negative beliefs, past trauma, anxiety, and wanting to quit time and time again.


i can help because i've been there

I learned to reprogram my unconscious mind!

And I can help you do the same.

I quit on myself and put off my dream...
        before I even got started

"I spoke with Sheila for ONE HOUR and it was LIFE CHANGING. Everything I had been questioning was resolved."

- megan

Interrupt anxiety, cravings, bad habits, and procrastination

How does this sound?

Create new, better, healthier, more productive habits



the results you're going to get:

Encode your brain with new beliefs, emotions, and experiences



Take more action toward your goal in three weeks than you have in the last few years


Learn to manage your brain so it works for you and not against you


Change how you perceive yourself and use that to reach your goals faster

  • We'll chat for 20-minutes so I can learn more about you, your goals, and to be sure I can help you.

  • During our talk, I'll help you understand how we're going to tackle your challenges and make sure you feel good about it.

  • Let's get really clear on what your goals are... and why you have them... because your "why" is key to changing your life.

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