Stop Holding Back and Denying Your Dreams

What does life look like 5, 10, 20 years from now if everything stays the same? How will you feel looking back having never tried to do the thing you've always wanted to do? Well, friend, I'm here to show you that the dreams and desires you have are completely possible and achievable. Let's uncover what's holding you back so you can finally pursue what you've always wanted.

one-on-one coaching for the dreamer inside you

The reason you are not taking action toward your dream is because you don't believe you're capable. The truth is your brain is bullshitting you. I'm here to teach you how to believe in yourself even when that voice inside says you can't do it.

Borrow my Belief in you until you can believe in yourself

let's get on the court:

How it All Works

This is highly personalized work so it's important we start with a complimentary consult.
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During our 60-minute call, you'll tell me what the problem is, I'll ask a lot of questions until we're clear on the solution, then we'll decide if we're a good fit. 

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Sometimes "free" sounds like a trick. So if you feel better just buying a one off session, I understand.  
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Still not sure?

I asked for my money back and put off my dream...
before I even got started

When I first decided to get certified as a life coach, I quit on myself.

I wanted to go "all in" on my dream of being a life coach, so, I put $4000 on a credit card and told all my family "I'm going to be a Life Coach!"... until I heard a voice inside my head say, 'Who do you think you are? You can't do this.'

And, I believed it... I asked for all my money back and gave up on my dream. Until, I hired my own coach and learned to change my beliefs.

I learned to trust myself. I learned to find the voice that supported me. I learned that I could learn... and keep on learning. And I took action.

Having a coach show me how scared the voice in my head was and how it was stopping me! The coach showed me my thoughts, identified my limiting beliefs, and helped me start changing them.

i can help because i've been there


Why Coaching Matters

find the blindspots in your lifE

You know the little blindspot indicator on your car? Well, that's what a coach is. They help you identify the real issues you might not know are there - and helps you negotiate, remove, overcome, or embrace them.

stop trying to fix everything

I am NOT here to 'fix' you because you're not 'broken'. I'm here to help you believe in yourself the way that I believe in you. You will learn to handle your problems in a way that feels good to you. Not forced or fake or frantic. No fixing.

learn to give yourself permission

What are you not allowing yourself to do? Do you allow yourself to dream? Leave a job? A relationship? Start something new? Coaching will show you how to give yourself the permission you've been withholding from yourself. No one is going to give it to you.

"I spoke with Sheila for ONE HOUR and it was LIFE CHANGING. Everything I had been questioning was resolved."

- megan

Figure out exactly what's holding back from pursuing your dream or passion

How does this sound?

Finally make a decision on what you want to have in your life



the results you're going to get:

Change how you perceive failure and use it to reach your goals faster


Start making money doing the thing you've always wanted to do


Take more action toward your goal in three months than you have in the last few years


Learn to manage your emotions so they don't get the better of you


Is This Right For You?

you're finally ready to make your dream a reality

You're exhausted by trying to please all the people in your life

YOu WANT TO Be more decisive, effective and confident

You're tired of procrastinating and self-sabotaging

you know you can't put your dreams off any longer 

Yes, I said free!
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