Relationships are important. When you're full of anxiety and stress, it can get in the way of creating authentic connections.

On this podcast, Certified Relationship Coach, Sheila Morgan, talks about our emotions and how important it is to learn to feel them, in order to overcome anxiety and stress.

Yes... pushing away emotions, numbing out, distracting ourselves... all leads to feeling high levels of stress and anxiety... and this causes problems in our relationships.
Sheila teaches a combination of brain science, emotional intelligence, and physical embodiment so you can begin to feel your authentic emotions, let go of stress and relationship anxiety, feel more confident and more love.

Sheila believes that when you feel your emotions more authentically, it changes how you think and feel about yourself and others. In essence, feeling your emotions will reboot your system, allowing you to have deeper, more authentic relationships.

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What most of us were taught about relationships doesn't always work... and that's why the divorce rate is over 50% in the US, we're cutting "toxic people" out of our lives left and right, and creating feuds with people instead of having healthy debates.

With all the therapists and marriage counselors out there, you'd think we'd be great at relationships.

But we're not. We're struggling.

A big part of the problem is we're not taught how to feel our emotions. In fact, we're taught to avoid showing our emotions to avoid upsetting others. Whether they're positive or negative emotions, it seems there's a chance to offend or disturb people by expressing them.

So instead of being real with our feelings, we numb them or do things to distract ourselves (those actions are call buffering, by the way) and pretend everything is "fine".

We do this to pretend we don't have problems or to placate others so "everyone can be happy".

Well, friends, happy is not the goal.

I know... we're taught to "pursue happiness" and I think it's total bullshit that we're taught that.

The real goal is to FEEL. Period.

Have authentic emotions. Be mad when we're mad. Sad when we're sad. And happy when we're frickin happy.

Human beings, being human. What could be more basic than that?

And that's what this podcast is all about.

We'll talk about brain sciencey, emotional intelligence type stuff... because I'm a coach and that's what I do... how other people have rebooted their relationship with people they love and most importantly, their relationship with themselves.

Listen in to make your adult relationships sweeter than ever. ❤️

- Holly

"Such a good reminder that we can only control what we think, feel and act. We can't control anyone else.

Five Stars:

- HHBenji

Thank you Sheila for the refreshing wisdom and advice - I can't wait to hear many more episodes! Marriage life-saver!

Five Stars:

- feliciaa<3

"This podcast is already incredible and exactly what I've been looking for. I love how much I learn and am excited for more episodes!"

Five Stars: