What do you want to be when you grow up?

And what’s stopping you? Maybe nothing! Maybe you’ve attained the status, goal, career, business, dream life you’ve always wanted! If so, CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m celebrating with you! But if not… Why haven’t you done the things you’ve wanted to? Have you tried and you “sucked at it”, so you’re done? Have you given it up as […]

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i'm sheila morgan

Welcome to my blog! I'm a professional coach on a mission to help dreamers stop holding themselves back from pursuing the life that is waiting for them.

'll show you how to do what you love free from other people's opinions.


Welcome to the Greatest Blog You'll Ever Visit

No, seriously - it's pretty awesome!

Writing has always been a passion of mine and I love being able to tell stories that light others up. Here on the blog you'll find everything from personal experiences to coaching experitse that will help you start living the life you always dreamed of.

In a healthy relationship, two people spend their time trying to make the other person happy by anticipating and meeting their needs, right? BULL PUCKY!! In a healthy relationship, two people are responsible for THEIR OWN happiness and show up willing to love and be loved by the other person. It’s that simple… …and it’s […]

I don’t make my husband happy.


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I get anxious like that sometimes when I write! And I don’t want to feel anxious! I want to feel better …NOW! I sometimes distract myself by eating… playing a game on my phone… scrolling Facebook… having a drink… puttering around my house… doing the dishes… painting & drawing… going for a walk… writing… dancing… […]

I’m scared you’re not going to like this!


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